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Webnoxious utilizes a simple dance like four-step process to help understand our business procedures. Its an easy 4 steps that anyone can learn quickly. Using these steps helps us build your site as efficiently and quickly as possible and helps you see the direction and progress your online solution is making.


Webnoxious begins the process of web design by understanding the needs of our clients. We listen, we step into the shoes of their customers, and we research their current online business solutions. Our team will then incorporate your brand identity, business' strategies, and communication goals. Our end result is a plan for your online solution with objectives for functions long-term growth possibilities.


Once the plan is set into motion our team will develop your goals and objectives into a detailed outline with consideration to your online features, transactions, navigation, hosting, maintenance, traffic logs and visitor functionality. With this information we create a sitemap and complete cost workup with targeted specifications to meet your businesses needs


Now the creative juices are flowing full throttle. The goal is to create a design foundation that clearly captures your business' / organization's personality. Different design mockups are presented. Then the details and nuances of the selected design are polished and perfected until the online solution has a personalized design that reflects the overall personality and image of your business.


Once the design is created the actual development of the online solution begins. This is where we get to code. Our team will program the content and functionality of the site with consideration to proper W3C coding validations and functionality testing. The result of phase four is a custom designed, interactive online solution positioned to meet and exceed the long-tem strategic focus of your company.

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