Texas Dietetic Association

New. Exciting. Fresh.

The main focus of the redesign was to increase usability. The members had found information hard to locate in the previous site. Some members felt the colors on previous site were dull. Additionally, the website area about legislation was unfortunately going unseen by members. The Webnoxious team focused on creating a site that was energetic, eye-catching, fresh, and creative. It conveyed the message "TDA members are the experts in nutrition for Texas." To bring out the critical legislative information, we added in a visible third navigation element to accentuate this area of the site.

Nutrition Entrepreneurs

Energetic. Innovative.

This organization needed a website to clearly convey their personality. Their previous website portrayed safe business blue feel. They instead were energetic, innovative, cutting edge, collaborative and had a contagious passion about them. Webnoxious knew it had to use an intense color palette combined with feeling of collaboration. Gold, green and purple were the answer. For functionality several manual functions were brought online including incorporating an ecommerce system to manage their extensive products and services section.

MDR - Connecting with Results

Connections. Results.

A branding process revealed that connection was a major part of the MDR business personality: connecting with customers, partners, the future, opportunities, solutions... Results was the other site focus. Webnoxious knew they had to clearly identify to users that MDR meant results for their company challenges. Webnoxious team set out to create a site that had a feel of creativeness, genius, determination, fun, commitment, and loyalty.

Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition

Bold. Action. Fresh.

Webnoxious has expanded this site's offerings to membership significantly in the four years they have partnered together. Expansions include overhauling navigation systems, adding in products and services area for members to promote themselves, search optimization of Find a SCAN RD, and adding in an ecommerce system to manage their symposium integrated with an online Continuing Education (CPEU's) system that can take payment and track CPEU's.

Missouri Dietetic Association

Natural. Fresh. Clean.

The Missouri leadership expressed a desire for a design with a natural feel using fruits and veggie photos. Webnoxious created a design highlighting one color on the page and a fruit or veggie in same color. The results were orange matched with oranges, blue matched with blueberries, red matched with red peppers and green matched with asparagus. The resulting custom design feel is fresh, natural, and modern with a credible edge. To further the goal of educating public on importance of nutrition a nutrition fact appears in a key location on every page.

Gluten-Free Easy

Natural. Exciting. Easy.

Owner wanted the site to stand out from other gluten-free sites. Webnoxious built a nearly 400 gluten-free product database with information on how to obtain the products. Monthly celebrity chef spotlight, recipe and recommended products are posted to keep site content fresh and updated. Related resources are integrated throughout the site to help users make the most of site offerings. A no-cost members area with valuable gluten-free information was developed to enhance relationship with users.

LIFESTEPS Weight Program

Research Based. Bold.

Webnoxious worked with client to identify key messages. Previous site was outdated and needed more punch in how it interacted with users. Main website messages identified were to convey what LIFESTEPS can do for potential leaders and LIFESTEPS is about results based on research. Webnoxious created an animation on homepage outlining the diverse roles of a leader and brought them visually together as a group to indicate collaboration for results. Throughout the site key images and tag lines were inserted to portray the all encompassing program aspects.

Dallas Dietetic Association

Creative. Fun. Color.

This organization had spent years building up their relationship with the media outlets and needed a site that would look credible and passionate for both members and the public. Client expressed they wanted energy coming off the pages and the 'go to nutrition source' as the main message across pages. Webnoxious created a mouthwatering header with a strong golden accent to give a happy feel off the site pages. Blue accent brought in an updated sense. Content layout was given a modern and clean look.

Houston Area Dietetic Association

Modern. Clean. Easy.

Webnoxious worked with organization to create a modern and fresh design that conveyed a bold take on food. Client expressed preference for intense natural colors and needed a design to powerfully communicate with the public. Webnoxious used artichokes on homepage to give a modern and clear first impression. Inside pages have bold, close-up photos of foods that are so mouthwatering even food junkies turn healthy just looking at them.

Behavioral Health Nutrition

Modern. Fresh. Clean.

Organization expressed desire for a modern design with plenty of white space and simple design accents. The most requested member resource was content rich newsletters published quarterly. A Web 2.0 design using icons for logging in to members area and accessing newsletters was created. Bold and elegant food images were selected and combined strategically with their logo. An announcements area that could be used as needed was important as at times there may not be an announcement.

Extreme Environments Nutrition

Wow. Exciting. New.

This site had a special place for Webnoxious as this client was taking a huge risk in creating a website to start a nonprofit. Webnoxious knew its job was to powerfully convey its messages. The Webnoxious team worked hard on the images used to portray the extreme environments. They also strategically placed a slide show with easy to scan text and images on pages with the intent of quickly communicating the need to place Registered Dietitians in these complex nutrition roles. Escape to a rainforest or top of a mountain or under the ocean - visit the site and see what we mean.

Come and Sew Ministries, International

Touching. Happy.

Website goal was to engage visitors with a sense of humility for the non-profit cause. Additionally, visitors needed to be encouraged to help -- either monetarily, volunteering or joining a missing trip. Webnoxious team set the stage with a sewing pattern background design. Then at the center of the design we placed irresistible photos of the children being served throughout the globe. Presenting the ministry activities in easy to grasp segments and at same time keeping the overall mission as a clear focus in content was key.

Texas Dietetic Association


TDA (Texas Dietetic Association) Professional membership association website for Registered Dietitians serving Texas. Focus is on member services and quick response to legislative issues that arise related to the improvement, management and protection of the health of the citizens of Texas. More >>

Nutrition Entrepreneurs


NE (Nutrition Entrepreneurs) Members provide nutrition products and services to consumers, industry, media and businesses in an variety of business models. Their website needed to drastically change the image it was portraying and reorganize the information as the current site was hard to update and thus some of the information was either difficult to locate or outdated. More >>

Connecting with Results

Connecting with Results

MDR Consulting is a marketing consulting firm that offers fully-integrated marketing research services through a hands-on, highly-personalized approach. They needed a website that stood out from the rest and quickly and clearly conveyed their benefits to potential clients. More >>

A Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association


SCAN (Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition) Members possess expertise and a passion for working in: sports nutrition, cardiovascular health, wellness and weight management, and disordered eating/eating disorders. Leadership is a committed group pushing the nutrition field forward. They needed a website that could offer value to members and respond quickly to opportunities that arose. More >>

Missouri Dietetic Association

Missouri Dietetic Association

MDA (Missouri Dietetic Association) Professional membership association website for Registered Dietitians serving Missouri. Focus is on member services and promoting sound nutrition to the public and monitoring and responding to issues that have food, nutrition and health implications. More >>

Gluten Free Easy


This site's primary focus is providing quality and accurate information on gluten-free living. The site attempts to clear up miscommunications that abound in this area of nutrition and guide users to resources to allow a them to easily carry on with their normal lifestyle living gluten-free. More >>

LifeSteps Weight Management

Lifesteps® Weight Management

The primary focus of this site is recruiting new locations and leaders to lead the weight management program. Programs are located throughout the U.S. in hospitals, wellness centers, gyms, and independent locations. Program is research based and focuses on cognitive-behavioral strategies designed to help individuals make lifelong changes in eating and physical activity patterns. More >>

Dallas Dietetic Association

Dallas Dietetic Association

Professional association site serving Dallas area. Main goals are to serve members, recruit new members and enhance public image. The organization has strong media focus and works with many local outlets in order to get nutrition messages out to public. More >>

Nutrition Professionals for the Houston Area


HADA (Houston Area Dietetic Association) Professional association site serving Houston area. The organization's primary focus is serving its members. It had an active speaker's bureau which brought public visitors to the site. They also wanted a website where they could support the Houston Mayor Wellness Council a community focus. More >>

Behavioral Health Nutrition

Behavioral Health Nutrition

BHN is a professional association. Members provide services for persons with addictions, mental illnesses, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and eating disorders. The website main focus was to serve its members. The previous website was difficult to navigate and lacked a purposeful design. More >>

Extreme Environments Nutrition


Extreme Environments Nutrition is a website an individual took on as a cause to raise awareness for the need for Registered Dietitians in extreme environment projects: under the ocean, in outer space, during combat conditions, in deserts and more. She has hopes that a practice group in the American Dietetic Association will team up with her and work for placing dietitians in these needed nutrition roles. More >>

Come and Sew Ministries, International

Come and Sew Ministries

This website is a non-profit organization training women in third world countries to do outreach ministries primarily in orphanages. Sewing is the vehicle used to communicate important messages and skills to the children. Additionally the website must recruit donations from all over the world for the ministries to survive.More >>